Digital Due Diligence

Align your IT Strategy to your Business Strategy

The Professional IT Solutions Digital Due Diligence report is an enabler that will be critical in defining the strategy and overall roadmap to address your organisation's changing business needs. Our report will provide the blueprint to support the establishment of the future state of your IT environment by aligning technology with your required business capability. Given the rise of disruptive technology and its impact on customer interaction and demand, the need for a robust IT strategy that considers the people, process, and technology implications of solution architecture becomes more critical. Vital to taking on the challenge of IT strategy development is balancing a good understanding of current difficulties with the future IT vision to inform the design of fit for purpose solutions. 

We embed ourselves within your business for a set period to understand your current IT state, your business needs and provide you with a roadmap and align your IT strategy to your overall business strategy. Hand-in-hand with our Outsourced CIO service, we can continue to collaborate with you by executing the resultant IT strategy from our Digital Due Diligence report and remaining accountable throughout the journey. Our partnership with our clients ensures business outcomes to your organisation's advantage.


Outsourced Chief Information Officer

Enterprise capability for SMEs

Professional IT Solutions works with businesses to help design, structure and implement critical information systems and technology platforms. Our ambition is to provide companies that do not require a full-time Chief Information Officer, with the capability of enterprise expertise to ensure that your IT environment is managed appropriately and allow you to compete more effectively.

Outsourcing your CIO requirement allows you to free up your time to focus on your core business and have confidence your technology investment is in capable hands. Professional IT's Outsourced CIO model results in one point of accountability for your business to drive digital strategy and be responsible for the daily operational requirements of your IT environment, providing management of all vendor relationships which are core to the infrastructure you have implemented and the support services which allow your business to resolve issues as they occur.

Put simply, Professional IT can become your "one throat to choke" when it comes to the IT needs of your business; accountable and being held to account for the health of your digital footprint.


Website Development

Targeted Websites Tailored Specifically for your Business

Your website represents your brand. A site that’s slow, unreliable, not easy to navigate or hard to use is a website that customers will avoid. Business growth also suffers when small website changes are agonisingly slow, and big changes are out of the question.


We understand that a web development project feels daunting and that businesses often feel stuck with the status quo. Putting off reviewing your online presence leads to competitive disadvantage and risking missed opportunities.


At Professional IT, we collaborate with FlipT Branding to ensure that the websites we develop for businesses are not only technically competent but sing to the value of your brand and are W3 Web Accessibility compliant.