Business to Business ICT Services

Empowering Small to Medium ICT Providers with additional capacity when needed

With having had the experience of working in both national and multi-national IT providers, as well as Government agencies, Professional IT Solutions enjoys being able to empower small to medium IT providers to compete in the market for opportunities they may not previously have considered. 


We understand that it can be difficult to grow your business when resource capacity is an issue. Want to get that next "big contract" and organically expand your operations? Need assistance to be competitive as a business against the "big boys"? We can help with the following services:


  • Business Development - with our breadth of networks, we are very much informed regarding the opportunities which exist in both the local and national markets. We partner with you to provide you with the knowledge regarding work available and to utilise your capacity and capability to deliver enterprise-grade outcomes to exceed the expectations of the client

  • Bid Management & Tender Writing - being able to respond to private and government Requests for Tenders (RFT) can be overwhelming. You not only need the time but also the appropriate resources to create the content for your bid and manage it right through to the deadline for submission. With proven ability to generate an order intake of $21m over three years, we will work with you to articulately present your business and value proposition for success in securing new opportunities.